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All treatments undertaken by advanced Nurse prescriber

Weight management

A full face to face consultation and written informed consent is required before any treatment can commence.

As a partner of the National Weight loss Management Programme we will be offering services in line with this. Contact us for full details. Personal trainer also available in combination with this service at an additional cost. Please see link for the initial treatment screening form. This is a regulated service which requires CQC registration.

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Weight management

Vitamin boost injections

Fast effective shot that has a number of benefits including improved energy levels, can boost metabolism, may improve hair, skin and nails.

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  • Vitamin boost shots from £55
Vitamin boost injections

Skin booster

Do not confuse this treatment as a dermal filler! Skin boosters contain hyaluronic acid (HA). These are injected into the skin to work their magic from the inside out! They promote the growth of collagen, elastin. Following treatment the skin is firmer and radiant. Some skin boosters also give an instant lifting effect. They can be used on the face, neck, hands and lips. You need to commit to a course of 3 treatments over a period of 3 months. Following this a maintenance dose of 1 session every 6 months.

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  • One session £175
  • 2 sessions £290
  • 3 sessions £420
Skin booster

Deso face/body

Deso is a fat dissolving injectable containing Deoxycholic Acid. When injected into tissue it destroys fat cells. Some fat cells are stubborn but by injecting into tissue Deso is a perfect treatment for them. No treatment is without risk and for this reason only medical professionals such as Dr’s and Nurses should administer the treatment.

Deso is not a treatment for obesity and although results are permanent for the area of treatment, it does not stop your body producing more fat. Lifestyle changes should be considered in combination. Some common treatment areas include: ‘double’ chin, the arms, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, inner knees, thighs and back or bra ‘rolls’.

You may require several treatments to get the desired result. This is discussed at your consultation. Not everyone is suitable for this treatment and there are contradictions in Pregnancy and breastfeeding, hormonal disorders, organ disease and some autoimmune diseases, this is not an extensive list. A full consultation is required where you are given the risk and benefit of treatment. Only when fully informed written consent is given can treatment go ahead.

Price on consultation.

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Deso face/body

All the treatments we undertake are fully insured, licensed and accredited

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Frequently asked questions

Are you trained to deal with complications?
Yes I'm an advanced nurse prescriber with over 10 years clinical knowledge in aesthetics.
Are you insured?
Yes I'm insured by the leaders in aesthetic medicine insurance.
Why is treatment expensive?
You're paying for over 10 years masters level university educational knowledge, my clinical expertise, my advanced aesthetic skills, my subscriptions to regulated bodies and agencies. Top brand licensed products are not cheap! Good is not cheap and cheap is not good!
Are there risks to treatment?
Yes very procedure carries an element of risk. I will highlight every risk in addition to benefit to allow you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment.
Will 1ml of dermal filler be enough?
It may not be is the simple answer. You may need several Mls of dermal filler over time to achieve your desired result. Remember im an expert with needle not a wizard with a magic wand!
My toxin only lasted 2 months with my last practitioner will your last longer?
I hear this a lot. The product is licensed to last for UP TO 3 months. I have no control over how your body breaks it down. Some people will break it down a little quicker. You will not be refunded as you've had the product administered and results achieved.
I'm almost 18 can I have my lips done?
Absolutely not! This is both illegal and goes against every code of ethics engrained in my practice!