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All treatments undertaken by advanced Nurse prescriber

Hyaluronic Acid (Dermal filler)

A full face to face consultation and written informed consent is required before any treatment can commence.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in our bodies. When used in medical aesthetics the gel like soft substance is injected into the skin resulting in lines and wrinkles reduction. As we age we lose fat padding in the face which can make us look a little grumpy. Dermal filler replaces some of this lost volume. If you think of a teaspoon being 5mls. Dermal filler comes in 1ml syringes. I do not offer any unsafe silly package deals on dermal filler. When treating lips, I have a policy never to administer more than 1ml in anyone session. When administered by a medical practitioner result can enhance your natural beauty and refresh your appearance. This treatment carries a risk as do all procedures. You may require more than 1ml (excluding lips).Results last for 6-9 months and results are instant.

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  • Cheeks from £200
  • Nasolabial folds from £160
  • Marionette folds from £160
  • Lips augmentation from £120 1/2 ml
Hyaluronic Acid (Dermal filler)

All the treatments we undertake are fully insured, licensed and accredited

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Frequently asked questions

Are you trained to deal with complications?
Yes I'm an advanced nurse prescriber with over 10 years clinical knowledge in aesthetics.
Are you insured?
Yes I'm insured by the leaders in aesthetic medicine insurance.
Why is treatment expensive?
You're paying for over 10 years masters level university educational knowledge, my clinical expertise, my advanced aesthetic skills, my subscriptions to regulated bodies and agencies. Top brand licensed products are not cheap! Good is not cheap and cheap is not good!
Are there risks to treatment?
Yes very procedure carries an element of risk. I will highlight every risk in addition to benefit to allow you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment.
Will 1ml of dermal filler be enough?
It may not be is the simple answer. You may need several Mls of dermal filler over time to achieve your desired result. Remember im an expert with needle not a wizard with a magic wand!
My toxin only lasted 2 months with my last practitioner will your last longer?
I hear this a lot. The product is licensed to last for UP TO 3 months. I have no control over how your body breaks it down. Some people will break it down a little quicker. You will not be refunded as you've had the product administered and results achieved.
I'm almost 18 can I have my lips done?
Absolutely not! This is both illegal and goes against every code of ethics engrained in my practice!